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If you want to easily control the comfort, efficiency and safety of your home, RTI offers an exceptional selection of options that can be customized to create the best home automation system for your household and desires. You don’t have to take anyone’s word for it either, since RTI’s website has a lengthy Showcase selection that presents many detailed examples of how it outfitted a variety of homes for owners with different requests. In this section, you can see what the company installed in several homes and learn more about what RTI can do for you. After browsing through these examples, you’ll undoubtedly have some new ideas for what you want in a home automation system for your place.

RTI provides more educational information in its brochure titled A Day in the Life. It describes how smoothly your home can operate with a home automation system, from the time you get up until bedtime and even while you’re sleeping. It explains how different equipment choices can keep you safe, lower the air conditioner when you are gone to save money, turn on your entertainment systems once you get home, lock your doors and watch over your property at all times.

As far as equipment compatibility goes, RTI works with more than 100 companies that manufacture a variety of hardware, including surveillance cameras and home entertainment systems. However, Crestron and Control4 have many more hardware partners by comparison. No matter which local dealer you choose to work with, there is a generous selection of equipment choices that work smoothly with each other. You can opt for a wired or wireless home automation system, and you can control it through one interface, whether you are at or away from home.

You can arrange for home security monitoring and outfit your house with door locks, security cameras, motion sensors and more. In addition, you can increase the safety of your home with smoke, fire and carbon monoxide detectors. You can also make use of home automation technologies through RTI’s mobile app, doing such things as adjusting the temperature in your home for comfort and utility bill savings, opening window shades or venetian blinds, turning on movies and music remotely, changing the lighting, and much more. If you choose, you can schedule when you want certain functions to occur, so your whole house can be filled with music or the lights can dim and a movie can start at a preselected time, making your home environment more comfortable, entertaining and enjoyable.

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All dealers in RTI’s network are certified, so you know you are dealing with someone who is knowledgeable and trained in installing home automation systems. It is easy to find an RTI dealer. You just plug your zip code into a search bar, and the RTI website pulls up a list of dealers in your area with all the necessary contact information and a map showing where they are located. There is no free quote option, which some home control systems provide. Instead, RTI’s dealers work with you individually to prepare a customized package that is tailored just for your home. RTI’s equipment warranty lasts three years.

With RTI, you benefit from having a certified dealer customize and install well-integrated equipment into a home automation system that can make your life easier. You can opt for relatively simple packages, if that is your choice, or fully equip your home with devices that add considerably to your quality of life.