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Moneyspire is easy-to-use personal finance software that can help you track your budget, pay your bills and, with its Plus program, keep an eye on your investments. It lacks the goal-tracking and budget alerts that Quicken and Mvelopes offer. Those can be useful, especially toward the end of a pay period, but it’s still a capable personal finance software application worthy of consideration..

If you want full-featured personal accounting software, the Plus account is a better option than the Basic account because you can link to your bank, credit union, investment and credit card accounts. Once connected, the software can automatically download your transactions. This is a vital feature for personal financial software. It takes the burden of regularly importing your account data off you. Moneyspire’s connection tools make the linking and updating process easy.

Moneyspire features several convenient budgeting tools to help you track spending and determine where you can cut costs. While setting up your initial budget can take some time since you must assign each transaction to a category in order to track your spending, once that’s done, Moneyspire lets you copy that budget to subsequent months. Another nice feature of the Plus account is the ability to pay bills online directly through this program.

Moneyspire allows you to monitor your spending, cash flow and net worth, presenting the reports in graphical form to help you get a quick, intuitive view of your budget and progress. Moneyspire can even forecast your future balances based on scheduled transactions. One place this financial management software falls short, however, is in tax preparation. It doesn’t provide tax reports or export your data to tax programs, although you can download the information in a CSV format that’s compatible with Excel (and other programs).

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If you have many investments, Moneyspire’s Plus account has tools that display an overview of your portfolio and help you track the performance of your accounts. It can show you how your investments figure into your larger financial picture, but it doesn’t offer in-depth analysis or compare your performance against the market. It also lacks retirement goal-tracking tools.

Moneyspire is a good personal financial software application for making a home budget and analyzing where you spend your money. The Plus program lets you connect directly to your accounts, pay bills online and track investments as well.