Joying JY-UL135N2 Review

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The Joying JY-UL135N2 is a basic in-dash navigation unit. It has built-in navigation and Bluetooth-enabled smartphone connectivity. It has a big 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. Unlike most of the in-dash GPS navigation units we reviewed, it cannot play DVDs and CDs. Though it offers the basic features found on most devices, the double-din unit costs more than the budget-friendly units that have similar functionality.

You can interact with the device’s menus, watch videos or view navigation device details with the touchscreen interface. Its 7-inch display has a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution and a capacitive screen which provides a sharp image and precise interaction. You can customize the background wallpaper and adjust the brightness as needed. It even has a picture-in-picture function, which keeps playing your video while you use the rest of the screen for navigation or to interact with the interface. It even has an automatic sleep mode –the screen goes black while music is still playing in the background.

There is a dedicated Pandora internet app on the Joying navigation device. You can control Pandora directly on the head unit. However, it is unable to play CDs or DVDs, so if you don’t have a smartphone or any downloaded media, you may be stuck listening to the radio with this unit. If you listen to music on Spotify or YouTube, or with downloaded audio files, the Bluetooth connection of this navigation system allows you to send that audio to the stereo. Having Bluetooth connectivity means you can pair your Android, iOS or Windows smartphone with the in-dash system, not just to play your favorite songs, but also to interact with some apps or even make and receive phone calls, all hands-free.

Joying offers email customer support, and it’s active in replying to questions. It even replies to reviews on Amazon. The JY-UL135N2 ships with a two-year manufacturer warranty. Multiple tutorials and other informational resources are available on the company’s website.

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The Joying JY-UL135N2 is not loaded with features, despite its price point sitting at just under $300. It can’t play DVDs or CDs, and it doesn’t have a remote control – something available for every other item in our comparison. However, its large capacitive touchscreen, basic media playback functionality and simple navigation abilities may be enough for anyone who doesn’t want the fuss of advanced functions and premium features.