Jensen VX7021 Review

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The Jensen VX7021 is an in-dash navigation unit with average smartphone integration as well as traffic and navigation abilities. It is Bluetooth-enabled and has a large 6.5-inch screen. It does not feature the cutting-edge smartphone integration of some of the other premium in-dash GPS navigation units, which have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Those allow you to actually interact with smartphone apps via the unit’s touchscreen for an enhanced hands-free experience.

Comparable to the Kenwood and Soundstream units we reviewed, the in-dash GPS system has a built-in 6.2-inch touchscreen display with an 800 x 480-pixel resolution. The iGo Primo Next Generation navigation has built-in maps and a text-to-speech function to aid you while you drive. The unit’s screen shows you information like maps, speed limits and upcoming points of interest and can also display satellite radio channel art and song information as well as movies. You can customize the wallpaper with the five included backgrounds, or upload your own. Additionally, you can choose a custom UI color theme to match your personality or car color.

The navigation unit is ready to play CDs and DVDs right out of the box. The VX7021 can easily play your favorite satellite or streaming audio media from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Spotify, Sirius XM, TuneIn, Slacker and other apps. Of course, it can play the standard AM and FM stations that your vehicle’s native stereo can as well. You can play music, podcasts or videos you’ve saved onto an SD card or USB drive, or beam anything from your phone to the unit directly via Bluetooth. It also boasts three pairs of 6VRMS RCA pre-amp outputs. The Jensen allows some communication between external devices and the unit with RCA video out, a front USB input, rear camera in, rear A/V and front 3.5 mm A/V inputs.

Jensen provides customer service to its customers, and its technical support representatives are available to you via email or phone. You can also read through all the informational resources hosted on the company’s website.

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The Jensen VX7021 is a solid double-din navigation system. With a plethora of ways to listen to music and multiple navigation features, its only real weakness is its mediocre smartphone integration. However, there are less expensive units that have similar functionality if you need to keep to a budget.