Husqvarna ST227P Review


To combat monster blizzards, you need an equally fierce snow blower to clear driveways and common walkways. If winter brings at least a foot of snow to your doorstep, a tough two-stage snow blower like the Husqvarna ST227P is a valuable tool to have. This gas snow blower has a generous clearing width of 27 inches, which will help you make quick work of a huge driveway. This two-stage snow blower has a 12-inch steel auger that collects loose and hard-packed snow, channels it into the impeller and then pushes it through the steel chute. The snow blower intake, the plow-shaped piece that houses the auger, is 23 inches high and can take in snow piled up to 2 feet high. The 15-inch tires allow you to maneuver through snow smoothly without scuffing your driveway or patio.

This gas snow blower is self-propelled with six forward speeds and one reverse speed. The power steering assists with maneuvering while the electric start helps you get moving on the job without multiple startup attempts. In addition to being a powerful snow blower, the Husqvarna ST227P has several helpful features to make the job more enjoyable. Whether you clear snow in the morning or night, limited daylight in the winter makes this blower’s headlight a useful tool.

One of the best features this gas snow blower has is the heated, height-adjustable handles. This of course doesn’t replace the need for gloves when clearing snow on a winter morning, but this feature makes you a little more comfortable. If you’re clearing a rocky or graveled area, you use the skid shoes at the bottom of the snow blower to adjust its height. This keeps rocks and small debris from entering the snow blower.

Inside the Husqvarna, the four-cycle engine pumps 254 cubic centimeters of gasoline through the machine. The snow blower can hold up to 0.71 gallons of gas, making it fuel efficient for the power it produces. This snow blower produces up to 15.5 foot-pounds of torque while running, allowing it to clear a lot of snow in a short time.

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The Husqvarna ST227P is a tough two-stage snow blower with a lot of power behind it. Since it pumps over 250 cubic centimeters of gasoline through its four-cycle engine, you can expect to glide through light snowfall. With a clearing width of 27 inches, this snow blower is one of the big guns and will clear large areas quickly. This is one of the best snow blowers for big properties with a lot of snow to remove. The snow intake is 23 inches high with a foot-wide auger to feed snow into the impeller. This blower also has extra features like a headlight and handle warmers that make a nice piece of equipment for dark, cold mornings.