Craftsman Quiet 88694 Review

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Clearing snow in the morning is tough, and waking your family with a deafening snow blower makes it worse. The Craftsman Quiet is a two-stage snow blower that packs serious power without the noise. This is a great snow blower to consider if you live in a quiet neighborhood and need to clear heavy snow frequently. The blower’s power and wide clearing width get you out of the cold fast by letting you clear snow quickly. The Craftsman Quiet has a clearing width of 26 inches, and the tires are 15 inches tall and 5 inches wide. Their deep tread grips the snow without scuffing your patio or driveway.

The Craftsman Quiet is a gas-powered snow blower , but it has an electric start feature to help you get moving faster. Many gas snow blowers like this one use a fast electric ignition to reduce the number of startup attempts required. The quiet engine is fuel efficient and doesn’t require an oil-gas mixture. Although this snow blower is quiet, it still has a powerful four-cycle, 208 cubic centimeter engine.

The chute rotates up to 200 degrees, allowing you to throw off to the side. The chute rotates with a joystick, freeing one of your hands to steer the machine. Single-hand controls allow you to keep clearing snow while changing the direction of the chute. The Craftsman Quiet has eight different speeds, two reverse and six forward, to compensate for incline, snow texture or obstacles. You still need to watch out for obstacles. This dual-stage snow blower lacks headlights, making it suitable for well-lit streets and driveways or use during daylight hours.

Unless you live near the Arctic Circle, chances are you only need a snow blower for a small portion of the year. This makes storage an important factor when choosing the right snow blower. The Craftsman Quiet is already compact. In addition to its small size, the handles fold down to make room in your garage.

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The Craftsman Quiet is a powerful, neighborhood-friendly machine that is one of the best snow blowers on the market. It has a 26-inch clearing path with a powerful engine pushing it through drifts. The chute rotates 200 degrees, so you can angle the cleared snow anywhere out of your way. This model is mostly suitable for use in well-lit neighborhoods because its lack of headlights reduces your visibility, especially if you clear snow in the early morning.